Fall 2015 – Rising Stars (2nd-5th Grade) Program

Queen City Stars is excited to announce the addition of a girls youth lacrosse membership (2nd – 5th grades) for the fall and summer seasons!Our youth membership program will be directed by Brittany Philip, current QCS coach and girls director for South Park Youth Lacrosse Association. Under the direction of Brittany and QCS the fall program will  run from September 12th to October 24th and consist of Saturday afternoon and Tuesday evening practices rounded out by a couple of game dates.OVERVIEW


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Commitment: Encouraged but Optional
Practice Location: Carmel Middle School
Season: September and October
Schedule: Tuesday (tactical development) + Saturday (application/scrimmmage)
Game Dates: TBD

Instructional dates are on Saturdays and Tuesday – 9/12, 9/15, 9/19, 9/22, 9/29, 10/6, 10/10, 10/13, 10/17, 10/20. To see view the QCS master calendar, click here.

GAME DATES – 9/26, 10/3 and 10/24

Team Reversible and club t-shirt will be provided with membership. Additional Spirit Wear available for purchase.

REQUIRED LACROSSE EQUIPMENT: Parents will be responsible for providing the following

  • Mouthpiece (I would get a couple as these are lost easily)
  • Protective Eyewear (Goggles)
  • Lacrosse Stick (Consult the retail associates at the store for options for beginners to experienced players)
  • Cleated shoes are recommended
  • Plenty of water to hydrate during practice

MEMBERSHIP PRICING (September 2015 – October 2015)
YOUTH TRAINING PROGRAM (open to girls in 2ND-5TH grades)
New Members: $195

We are aware that players have other commitments outside of lacrosse. We support and encourage participation in other sports and extra-curricular activities. Therefore, we understand that conflicts are inevitable. In order to get the most out of this membership, however,we do expect that our players make a concerted effort to attend practices, games and events. We post our schedule well in advance so that everyone has ample time to make arrangements to attend as many of these talent building opportunities as possible.

Our Coaching Staff encompasses experienced, talented and knowledgeable coaches who are driven to ensure the success of Charlotte lacrosse at a national level. Check out the biographies of our coaches here!



Fall 2015 – Middle and High School Program

What are the Fall 2015 Options for MS and HS?
Invite Only Elite Teams by Grade
HS Training Teams (General Registration)
MS Training Teams (General Registration)

Click here to view more info about the high school teams.
Click here to view more info about the middle school teams.

Not sure which team to register for?
Select either the high school or middle school general registration options to secure a spot.

Want to be considered for an invite only elite team?
Make sure you register for a general registration spot and then email to be considered. 

Congratulations to our 2015s Playing in College…

Natalie Barnett (IHS) – Presbyterian
Annie Brannon (CCHS) – Belmont Abbey
Cassie Brown (PDS) – Florida Southern
Julie Buehler (Hoggard) – Gardner Webb
Maya Ebrahimnejad (Hoggard) – U of Vermont
Anna Harbacevich (MPHS) – Wingate
Penka Heusinkveld (Ashley) – Georgetown College
Jessica Kane (LNCharter) – Lenoir Rhyne
Haley McGuffin (South Meck) – West Virginia Wesleyan
Katie Simpson (CCHS) – Queens
Kelly Thomsen (Latin) – Sewanee
Saidey Whalen (CCHS) – Central Michigan

Weather Cancellation Procedures

  • We will play in light to moderate rain.
  • We will not play in heavy down-pores or thunderstorms.
  • We will do our best to post any cancellations or changes to practice or a game 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start.
  • All cancellations and changes to practice or a game will be posted on the main page of the this website and on our twitter handle @QC_Stars.
  • Anyone without a smartphone can call 704.560.1859 and listen to the voicemail for updates.


“….and kudos to you for an awesome job last weekend.  Teaching our girls to be diplomatic, but assertive off the field is a valuable lesson.  Thanks for all you do!”

“… .I have been so impressed with the quality of coaches you….have recruited into the QCS program.  Great role models….It is a really difficult balance but you guys have navigated it really well. Bottom Line – we feel very fortunate to have QCS here in Charlotte.”

“PS  I have had many coaches in my life and I want to assure you that your passion, patience, and leadership are unmatched!  You are an inspiration out there.”

“Thank you for your great program and for the opportunity you’ve provided…these past couple years.  Between four kids and all their sports, we have been exposed to many different types of coaches and programs.  All have been good role models for our kids.  However, your program stands out in almost every aspect.  Your coaches are demanding yet positive, serious about their sport yet fun and fair. Also, they create an environment in which the girls are not afraid to make mistakes as they learn. This fosters much better decision-making during games and recovery from mistakes….Most importantly, in this highly competitive environment of youth sports where individual skills seem to be rewareded almost exclusively in other programs, your program also emphasizes teamwork and sportsmanship”

“I cannot thank you enough for finding….college…..She is so HAPPY!  And therefore I slept so well last night…..She has really bonded with her teammates and considers the other freshmen players her best friends.  She said that she loves taking classes she wants to take and thinks studying and being in those classes is fun.  She also said that she cannot imagine herself anywhere else….I just can’t thank you specifically for suggesting (college) and all of her coaches for preparing her for the next step….Thanks a million!!!”

“….had to do a project for school on her hero. She chose her QCS coach because they inspire her and they taught her to give 110% on the field. She went on to say how they help her if she does something wrong. She wrapped it up with how she looks up to her.”