A winter lacrosse league sponsored by QCS.snowflake_12


DATES AND TIMES: Eight Saturday Mornings between 9am and 12pm starting December 6th and ending January 31st (excludes December 27th)

FIELD LOCATION: Rugby Athletic Center (3722 S Tryon St Charlotte)

FORMAT: 5v5 Plus Goalie, Shortened Field with 2 Cages
* Each team will be assigned a coach and will be given a 15 minute mini clinic prior to their scheduled game. MS/HS coaches are welcome with their team(s) as desired and able.

PLAYERS: Middle School and High School Girls Divisions
*This program is designed for girls to participate with their school peers in preparation for spring season so players will be placed on teams according to school and age.

TEAMS: Minimum 8 players, Maximum 12 Players per Team

REGISTRATION: Register as an individual to play for your high school or middle school team or play as a free agent.

FEE:  $135/Person
*Includes all field fees, coaches and lax crew socks!


Deadline for Atlanta and Disney tournaments are Sept. 1st!!!

High School Teams – 2015/OPEN Black | 2016 Black | 2017 Black | 2018 Black | Premier | Select
Middle School Teams – MS Black 2019 | MS Black 2020-21 | MS White

Weather Cancellation Procedures

  • We will play in light to moderate rain.
  • We will not play in heavy down-pores or thunderstorms.
  • We will do our best to post any cancellations or changes to practice or a game 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start.
  • All cancellations and changes to practice or a game will be posted on the main page of the this website and on our twitter handle @QC_Stars.
  • Anyone without a smartphone can call 704.560.1859 and listen to the voicemail for updates.


“….and kudos to you for an awesome job last weekend.  Teaching our girls to be diplomatic, but assertive off the field is a valuable lesson.  Thanks for all you do!”

“… .I have been so impressed with the quality of coaches you….have recruited into the QCS program.  Great role models….It is a really difficult balance but you guys have navigated it really well. Bottom Line – we feel very fortunate to have QCS here in Charlotte.”

“PS  I have had many coaches in my life and I want to assure you that your passion, patience, and leadership are unmatched!  You are an inspiration out there.”

“Thank you for your great program and for the opportunity you’ve provided…these past couple years.  Between four kids and all their sports, we have been exposed to many different types of coaches and programs.  All have been good role models for our kids.  However, your program stands out in almost every aspect.  Your coaches are demanding yet positive, serious about their sport yet fun and fair. Also, they create an environment in which the girls are not afraid to make mistakes as they learn. This fosters much better decision-making during games and recovery from mistakes….Most importantly, in this highly competitive environment of youth sports where individual skills seem to be rewareded almost exclusively in other programs, your program also emphasizes teamwork and sportsmanship”

“I cannot thank you enough for finding….college…..She is so HAPPY!  And therefore I slept so well last night…..She has really bonded with her teammates and considers the other freshmen players her best friends.  She said that she loves taking classes she wants to take and thinks studying and being in those classes is fun.  She also said that she cannot imagine herself anywhere else….I just can’t thank you specifically for suggesting (college) and all of her coaches for preparing her for the next step….Thanks a million!!!”

“….had to do a project for school on her hero. She chose her QCS coach because they inspire her and they taught her to give 110% on the field. She went on to say how they help her if she does something wrong. She wrapped it up with how she looks up to her.”